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Discussion in 'iPod' started by roland.g, Sep 15, 2006.

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    Is there a way to crop/zoom cover art in iTunes. If I download the pic of amazon (larger image) and add it to artwork, sometimes the album has white around some or all edges or even worse is centered but much smaller. Is there a way either in iTunes or before I drop in the art to make sure that I don't get any white edges, just full bleed artwork.
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    Amazon changed the way their "larger images" are displayed. if you're getting the white borders it's because they're just padding the smaller 300x300 image. In which case I just download the 300x300.

    If and when I download artwork from Amazon, I download it to a folder and them use any image editiing tools to improve the file where needed before adding it to my iTunes files... Anything'll do Photoshop to iPhoto or Preview or something simple like jpegcrop.

    That said, last night I was playing with the alubm art feature of iTunes 7 and was surprised that it got some of my more obscure items I never thought it would get, and a lot higher accurate hit rate than before.... Maybe the rush is over.

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    First, start up the Preview app.

    Go into iTunes and bring up the song. If need be, click on the bar in the left-hand column to make it show Selected Song.

    Ctrl-click on the art and copy.

    Go over to Preview and File->New to get your cover displayed.

    Move the cursor to one corner of the border you want, and shift-drag to select (highlight) the part of the image you want to keep. Edit->Copy to move the selection to the clipboard.

    Back to iTunes, ctrl-click on the artwork pane again and pick paste.

    That might appear to do nothing, so there is one last step. File->Get info on the track, and click the artwork tab. You can either drag your cropped art to the left of the well to make it the visible one, or you can delete the artwork you no longer want.

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