Cross-platform RIA using Adobe Air, Plex??

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by kenmarered, Nov 20, 2009.

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    [edit] - sorry, typo in the subject, it should read "Cross-platform RIA using Adobe Air, Flex?"

    I need to write a cross-platform app that will run offline and online. When online, it may upload or download info from my server.

    I'm leaning towards using Adobe Air coded using Flex. I've coded neither in the past (I'm from a php / c++ background).

    People seem to have a love/hate affair with these Adobe technologies. I'd love some advice based on your experience.

    Some info about the app - it will be gui-based (ie a text and forms-based office app rather than a game) and can be used offline or online.

    Is Air the right way to go? If so, given I have programmed neither Flash, Java or Flex, which way do you think I should go? I have the full Adobe suite of apps.

    *Thanks* in advance for any feedback. Sorry for my limited info and knowledge.
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    Air was pretty much invented to do what you are talking about. Making a cross-platform network aware app should be a well documented process.

    If you are comfortable working in C++, As3 will be quite easy to pick up. I use Flex (now called Flash Builder, built upon eclipse) as a development environment, but do not use the Flex framework. I code actionscript-only applications and do not use MXML. This method would be most familiar to your current coding practices...
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    Oct 28, 2009
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    is a great site for learning as3, I also believe he has some video tutorials of getting started with flex and air

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