Crossword Maker For Cruciverbalists. Best XWords Compilation App [Universal]

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    Looking for crossword constructing software for your iPhone or iPad? Well, look no further. Crossword Maker For Cruciverbalists may be just the ticket. This handy tool has its own offline database and allows you to import your own word lists as well as reference external web resources. -- CRUCIVERB.COM

    This crossword compilation software helps you constructing crosswords in a simple and efficient way on your iOS devices. It has everything you need to create great educational, professional, and fun puzzles. It can build puzzles automatically from your list of words, or give you full control over the construction process. You could also share your finished work with friends by sending PDFs in email, or just print them.

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    Now, this crossword construction app has a lot of new features (auto-place your words, European alphabets, sharing via Facebook / Twitter, etc.), and a new website ( :)

    Check it out, if you haven't already :D

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