Crucial 960GB SSD $599

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ZMacintosh, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. ZMacintosh macrumors 65816


    Nov 13, 2008
  2. LeandrodaFL macrumors 6502a


    Apr 6, 2011
    Yep, it is a great purchase. Currently the 1TB has the best price per GB. If I had your gift cards, thats what I would do.

    However, if your model supports it, you should consider 1TB SSD + 1TB HDD in fusion drive
  3. ZMacintosh thread starter macrumors 65816


    Nov 13, 2008
    Fusion doesn't interest me much, my plan is to eliminate as much mechanical moving parts as possible.
    Will there be a problem with the temp sensor or fan speed with removing the mechanical drive?
  4. KylePowers macrumors 68000


    Mar 5, 2011
    Yes, it will be full speed from my understanding (if you replace the stock HDD). I think when people upgrade their iMacs, they typically leave the stock HDD where it is, and simply plug their SSD into a new port and boot from that instead.

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