Crucial M4 SSD update idea--Assistance, please!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by iamvexed, Jan 5, 2013.

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    May 27, 2008
    Hi All,

    I've opti-bayed my 13" mbp, and am trying to upgrade the Crucial M4 SSD I put in the optical drive spot. Since I no longer have an optical drive, this is proving troubling, but I have an idea and was hoping someone could help me out.

    My mbp is my "second" computer. I primarily use my iMac, and the two have, over time, gotten out of sync. Thus, I'm going to completely reinstall everything on the mbp and get them back in sync.

    Since I'm erasing the HD in my mbp, I was thinking I might be able to make IT a bootable drive with the SSD update .iso, and thereby update the SSD. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to do so, or whether it's possible. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

  2. iamvexed thread starter macrumors member

    May 27, 2008
    Got it! I used the directions I found here (which I'm also posting below), which worked famously. Many thanks to b_ran_don at the crucial forum for his post.

    I'd recommend this very highly, since folks are apt to back up before attempting to update anyway. So the partitioning of the HD should not be too onerous (at least, it's less onerous than putting the optical drive back in and then taking it out again...).

    Here're the directions from the above link.


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