Crucial RAM for 2011 iMac

Discussion in 'iMac' started by machinestatic, Sep 28, 2014.

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    Sep 11, 2014
    So this week I've been going through the classic troubleshooting nightmare of crashes and error messages. It started while playing the game Rift (Windows 7, Bootcamp). Windows would blue screen, and the errors were mostly memory related, with a couple AMD ones. Updated to the 2014 version of AMD's Mac drivers. Windows blue screen. So I got frustrated, deleted my Windows partition, and tried to play Guild Wars 2 using the Mac client. BOOM, the game crashed. Finally, I decided to give up, and tried to relax and watch some YouTube. BOOM, my computer restarted by itself. 3 times.

    That lead me to start googling troubleshooting tips, I downloaded and installed the program Rember, and it confirmed that 1 (or more) of my RAM sticks must've been junk. So I put them in in different combinations and configurations until finally the test passed... with only my 2 2GB sticks in it. (My 4GB sticks must be toast.) So now I need to buy new RAM.

    I ran Crucial's system scanner and it gave me model # CT3309303:*5-and-27-inch,-mid-2011)/CT3309303

    However, New Egg doesn't sell that model # but has the CT2K4G3S1339M instead:

    LONG STORY SHORT since I typed too much: I think these 2 Crucial products are the same, but can I be 100% sure? They're both 4GBx2, DDR3 PC3-10600, 1333. But more puzzling, why does Crucial make duplicate items with different model #'s?

    Edit: And of course, Amazon has a different model # which has the same specifications. Haha. CT2C4G3S1339M:
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    Most RAM has lifetime warranty. Just return them for new sticks.
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    Although that does not answer my question, it is an interesting fact that I didn't know. So thank you. ;)

    Anyway, I've done a little digging around on MacRumors and I learned that Crucial is in the shady business of selling 1 model number, and then also selling a completely different model number for the same exact memory configuration... except they slap a "compatible with Mac" label on 1 of them and bump up the price. But both products are the same and will work in the same computers. Sneaky move, Crucial.
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    No problem.

    The fact that the Mac branded RAM is exactly the same as the regular stuff is no big secret. Surprisingly though, my G.Skill RAM was branded as mac compatible and was also the cheapest deal at the time.

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