OS X Crusader Kings II on Mac Mini

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    Jun 29, 2012
    There is a thread from 2012 (http://j.mp/1bRZHMl) that reports non-playability and/or heavy issues on low-end Macs due to (supposedly) non-up-to-date drivers of pre-Mountain-Lion systems or a bad Mac port of the game.

    My Mac Mini 2012 has Intel HD Graphics 4000 with 768MB/1412MB VRAM, Intel Core i7, 2.6GHz with 16GB RAM. OpenGL version 3.2 (core), 2.1 (compatibility)

    Does anyone have played a current version of this game (Mac version) successfully (= playable on low settings) under Mountain Lion or Mavericks on a Mac Mini 2012 or a similar machine (e.g. MacBook Air)?

    Does anyone have experiences with this game as PC version under Parallels or VMWareFusion on a virtual disk (not a “physical” bootcamp partition)?

    Edited: Just installed Mavericks and OpenGL (core) is now at version 4.1 !
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    I played CKII on a 2011 Mac Mini (with discrete graphics card) and didn't have any issues with it running. This was either late last year or early this year.
    I didn't play it too much though because I could never really figure out what to do :confused:
    I even got the GoT mod up and running with it without any performance issues.

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