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Jun 19, 2013
i have just received my crux keyboard and i am using it to post here. love this site and i have been checking out here for a while.

<<i will try to upload images from my pc. it seems i have some issues or the files are too big to upload here or i might have to rename the files before i upload.>>

anyhow, if I might, here is my first impression

1) very well build and very solid.
2) heavier than what i have though but there is no other keyboard can come to comparison on yours because the material is used in the unit.
3) easy to setup and easy to pair. no problem at all
4) it was difficult to close and i had to try few times to close it completely. i will know more once i try few more times.
5) very nice keyboard spacing between buttons. i really feel like i am typing on a laptop
6) the unique design wins all. i mean i have tried other bluetooth keyboards and either some of them i could have to use some sort of the stands so I can use the ipad like a screen, and use the keyboard to type. some others like logictec that i would have to put the ipad on the keyboard and the viewing degree is bad, and the most i hate is i can't use it on my lap. cruxskunk is different because i feel like i am using a netbook to type.
7) will try out to charge the ipad when it is installed
8) it seems a bit loose on the hinge (is it what it is called)? i mean when I touch the screen, or just hold on the frame which it attaches to the ipad, i can move the frame / section.
9) i am concern about the 'clips' that they might break eventually. however, i disagree to use anything but plastic because plastic, at least, won't scratch the ipad. also, my concern on the clips is that it seems it puts a lot of force on those 2 corners of the ipad. i might worry about it would break or crack the ipad thou. any thoughts?

btw, i am using this keyboard to type. i have been waiting for this keyboard for just TOOO long and finally i get it. i love it. yes, i agree with others who used saying it is heavy. but, it is ok and it is lighter than my dell 17" laptop.


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Jun 19, 2013
Too bad it doesn't have a Caps key.

i am not aware of that. I don't use the caps lock that often.

I am also trying to make sure it stays closed tight / completely. I have emailed to their support to inquiry the issue. I have also watched the online support video (HOW-TO) on how to close it and keep it tight. will see.

So far, I like the keyboard a lot.


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Jun 19, 2013
added few more photos


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