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Oct 25, 2021
Currently have the airpod pros that just can’t drown out the crying anymore without max volume. My question is if the ANC on the airpod max will do any better in drowning out a toddlers crying? I understand ANC does better depending on pitch and consistency but wasn’t sure if anyone has experience with children crying?


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Nov 9, 2009
I was on a ferry a few weeks ago with a couple of grizzling toddlers within 5m. The ANC on the Max couldn't completely cancel them out (and I wouldn't expect it to).


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Oct 19, 2018
I do not have Airpods Max but I want to stress out that ANC does better with low frequency noises (airplanes, subway, machines) than high pitched voices (baby crying).

I expect Airpods Max to perform better than Airpods Pro because they offer additional noise isolation (due to being overhead). That being said it still depends on the distance between you and the crying baby. If it is in close proximity to you, you will have to max out the volume and you still might be unable to block it 100 %. If we are talking about blocking neighbors' crying baby then they would help.

This is my experience with Sony XM3 but Airpods Max are not that different when it comes to ANC compared to the Sony.


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Oct 14, 2020
They wont you;ll need to up the volume and still might be audible. These random noises are where ANC falls flat
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