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    Jul 21, 2007
    hey all, long time reader, first time poster :)

    Here is my question:

    I am currently a student with a Macbook c2d. I am contemplating purchasing CS3 Design Premium which I can get at the student licensed price of $299. My question is this: Once purchased, how many times can I install CS 3?

    The reason I ask is because There is a good chance I will be upgrading to a MBP within the next 6 months, and I want to make sure that I can purchase CS3 now, use it on my macbook, and then install it on my MBP when I upgrade. Is this doable, or does the license allow for only a single install?

    The FAQ states that the student licensed CS3 can only be installed on one computer, but what does that mean? once computer at a time? or one install, on one computer, ever?

    Thanks for your help guys, and I love the forums here!
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    One computer at a time. You can deinstall it from computer A and install it on computer B when you upgrade hardware.
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