CS3 :Can you use the same license code for both mac and windows copies?

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    Title says it all,
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    Adobe's License Agreement

    If you have a retail CS3 license, you can install the software on a second computer owned by you (2.4 "Portable or home computer")

    However, The software ships with EITHER Windows OR Mac installers. Owning CS3 for one OS does not give you the license to install on the other operating system. I know that in the past, Adobe key codes were OS specific - don't know about CS3.
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    Jun 8, 2007
    The license is platform specific. I just went through a "cross platform transfer" with CS3. You have to sign a letter of software destruction stating that you removed the windows version and destroyed the disk(s). Adobe mailed me the retail box of CS3 for Mac for the cost of shipping (6.00 or so) after I faxed them the letter. You are allowed one of these transfers so you can't switch back and forth.

    Just in case you have Lightroom... lightroom's license allows use on both win and mac.


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