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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Ruahrc, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Ruahrc macrumors 65816

    Jun 9, 2009
    I have a question about Adobe's CS5 to CS6 upgrade program.

    Adobe says that if you buy CS5 between March something and May 6th, you can get a complimentary upgrade to CS6 when it is released.

    My question is, do you get an "upgrade" or a "replacement"? So if you buy the "full" edition of CS5 (i.e. not an upgrade for a previous version), will you get the "full" edition of CS6, or a complimentary "upgrade" from CS5 to CS6?

    Why this matters is because when CS7 time comes around and considering adobe's upgrade policies- would you not be able to get the "upgrade" version of CS7 because "technically" you bought CS5, which then was upgraded to CS6 for free, meaning you wouldn't be able to upgrade to CS7? Or do you get an actual CS6 product as part of the program, meaning you can upgrade to CS7 without having to pay full price?

    Also, in the fine print it states that you need to send a proof of purchase to Adobe to verify your CS5 purchase. It also says that you cannot pay less than 75% of the recommended retail price, and be eligible for the upgrade. The place where I intend to buy from (university shop) is running a CS5 "EOL" sale that actually pushes the price to below 75% of Adobe's listed education retail price. Are they strict about this? Since .edu purchases are unreturnable (at least at my university store), I don't want to buy an unreturnable CS5 and then find that I am not eligible for an upgrade to CS6 just because of some pricing technicality.

    Maybe it is smarter to just wait a little and get CS6 when it comes out. I may end up paying a little more but getting a legit, full, CS6 product may be worth it with less risk.
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    In all likelihood it's an upgrade, however, you will have a CS6 license key which is the proof you will need in order to use the CS7 upgrade version.

    As for your question about the eligibility for a free CS6 upgrade, Adobe will likely stick to the exact policy and price percentage that it has stated.
  3. Dana Beck macrumors member

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    Pretty sure both--upgrade and full version--are on the same disk

    I think the installer doesn't care whether your have the full or a previously-upgraded version on your hard drive...your serial number of previous version (if an upgrade) "unlocks" the full version. The only difference between full and upgraded version is the price you pay to get the software program. So, in short, every new version is a "full version"...like the previous poster said, you just have to plug in your serial number to "unlock" the full version on the installation disk. Hope that makes sense.

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