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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by R2FX, Dec 19, 2011.

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    Mar 25, 2010

    I'd like to ask for some advice from folks living in HKG - I want to buy a customized MBP 17 with faster CPU and anti glare LCD (will upgrade RAM and SSD myself). I saw quite a few treads here discussing availability of CTO MBP models in Apple stores, but I am presently located in a SE Asia where such model has delivery time of 1 month + I have a record of bad luck getting laptops in the past with dead pixels, which is why I would like to see the screen in a shop before I pay for it (going through refunds or repairs is a nightmare without guaranteed outcome).

    I called Apple HKG yesterday to enquire whether they have any CTO models on display in the store, but the guy kept repeating that they carry only stock models and CTO must be ordered online. If anyone lives in HKG or had been there in Apple store, could you please confirm this?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Mar 22, 2011
    Sometimes the larger stores, the resellers, have the CTO available. It is very rare though. You can go to a reseller in person though and have them order your customized MacBook, you pay 30% deposit and can pick up the notebook from the store 7-10 working days later. I just did that today actually. ;) Maybe that's an option? Note that the Apple Store in IFC Mall will NOT do this, they make you order online yourself. Just let me know if you have any more questions, I live in HK.
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    Thanks a lot for the confirmation... I will have to do the same then here in Cambodia, but my only worry is that I'll get again machine with lemon LCD and there won't be a way to fix it here :/

    let's hope for the best though :)
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    I agree your best bet is via a reseller. This is exactly what I did in Malaysia, I didn't go for CTO, however I don't want the headache of having to deal with Apple remotely on the chance of a defective machine the hassle of return shipping and waiting on a replacement.

    The reseller was great, very accomodating as I didn't want to open up the boxes in the shop, just told me an issue and he would exchange "one for one" on the spot. All three Mac`s are perfect and now well in use, CTO is an option via the same reseller, however there is a 3-4 week wait period and longer if I opted to return the machine. As pricing is advantageous in Malaysia I may be tempted to a CTO MBP prior to my present assignment; although it would need to be Ivy Bridge and offer something significant over my present MacBook Pro 2.4 i7

    btw I am presently in southern China, and once again seen some of the most amazing Apple products on offer, most definitely not designed in California ;)

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