cu.usbserial keeps incrementing!! help!

Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by joe597, Nov 4, 2015.

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    OK, little bit of background. I have four Cisco switches connected to a 7-port usb hub via 3 prolific usb>>serial cables and 1 from another manufacturer (whose name I cannot remember).

    I'm using SecureCRT to connect to them, so I will keep them plugged into the same usb ports and would like to save the sessions in SecureCRT.

    Here is the issue, say I set up Switch 1 using the other manufacturers cable, that works great as it is not a prolific driver, it shows as cu.usbserial-FTGACSIO. I then plug in my first prolific cable, that too shows up but this time as cu.usbserial, then 3rd as cu.usbserial1 and finally the fourth as cu.usbserial2. I can connect to them all, no issue there.


    If i disconnect from Switch 3, currently configured for cu.usbserial1, it removes that call up and adds cu.usbserial3, i do it again, it becomes cu.usbserial4, thus breaking my hardcoded settings in SecureCRT and I have no way of tracking which switch is mapped to which call up line after a few disconnects. Also sometimes they don't always come up in order when starting, sometimes it could be the USB for Switch 4 is given cu.usbserial1 or cu.usbserial

    I never had this issue with Windows, when a USB port was mapped to a COM port it stayed the same.

    Is there any way I can hard code this on OS X? Or is going to be a tedious task every time i want to connect to my rack?
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    It appears the your "other" usb to serial adapter uses the FTDI chipset. This chipset has a serial number (in this case FTGACSIO) for each adapter which eliminates the problem of dynamic names moving, such as between the Prolific adapters.


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