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May 20, 2001
make you wonder. . .

Could this mean the new G4 towers be smaller, quieter, more "cube like"? Anybody out there heard of the possibility of some serious design changes in the tower?


So Sad

Its sad to see it go but they will come out with something better, then all the Winblows people willn copy it.

smaller towers?

I think the only thing this really means, is that they didn't sell a lot of them and are not making any money on it. When times are rough, ditch the dead weight.
True, it is a sad day, because they are sexy little machines, but i think they just don't have the expandability that most people need. -efg


most people don't need expandablitly beyond usb and firewire



most people want but don't need expandability

It is true that most people don't actually need expansion slots but most people tend to want to have the security of the expansion slots. There are many contradictions in the criteria people use to purchase something as opposed to what the actually use it for.


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Jan 31, 2001
I agree most people don't need expandability but the Cube (at lease here in Oz) wasn't much cheaper comapred to the G4 tower to justify dropping the expansion possibilies later down the track.

I would have bought one happily but it was only a couple of hundred dollars for a faster G4!!

Maybe if the Cube came with a screen or faster CPU or more RAM or _SOMETHING_ over the Power Mac G4 it would have been an easy decision to buy it but ....... well, we all know how this story ends now.

Simon Liquid

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Jul 4, 2001
iMac AND g4 more cubelike?

I am interested in your statement that the g4 will get more like the Cube. This seems naturaly to me when I think about it, as the Cube was very much the machine of the future. There have been also much speculation on a new iMac case that looks more like a Cube attached to a flat panel display.

If both of these proved true, it seems to me that the Cube would not have died, but instead passed it's futuristic features into the mainstream models.


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Jul 4, 2001
1 Block away from NYC.
ThE CuBe

Everyone knows that apple was dumping the cube. It just wasn't selling. And from insiders of apple they will replace the cube with a desktop G4. Something like the G4 box. The devolpment team in apple is work extra hard to make something good. :)



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Jul 5, 2001
Holladay, UT
The cube was a revolutionary product. It wasn't the best tool for pro video editors or people who NEEDED a G4 tower, but was perfect for a business, office, or home. It was small, quiet, but what killed it was the rumor that it couldn't be expanded. It had firewire, usb, and that's all you need. Need something else, get a hub and an adapter. It was a super product. Most people don't need 3 expansion slots anyways. My dad has a cube, loves it, but just uses it for little things, like office work, iMovies, iTunes, and internet surfing. It's pretty powerful. When he does his final cut pro movies, however, he uses his G4 tower. This allows him to use some more power, and he uses his expansion slots to hook up some SCSI drives. He has firewire and that's all anyone needs for enything, unless you have a RAID array hooked up to some other stuff for video editing.

In conclusion, the cube was a miracle box killed by a rumor. People misunderstood the product and were afraid to buy it.
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