Cuber Quest - Retro Looking Adventure/RPG Game!

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    Jan 11, 2012

    App Store:

    An epic adventure, filled with dozens of friends, monsters, puzzles, items and quests providing hours of fun. Enjoy the retro looking graphics in a fun and charismatic adventure around the Cuber World!

    Some Features:
    - Retro Graphics with Modern Game Mechanics
    - Inventory System
    - Bosses with challenging fight mechanics
    - Free Updates with New Content and Gameplay!





    Project Updates
    Im working on tweaks now, improving on gameplay mechanics (adding more spells types and elements to make fights more dynamic), building the chapter III (will be a desert with some temples and underground to explore).

    The update/new content will be released in end of January.

    Features in next update:
    - Some Misspelling Errors fixed (sorry guys, English isn't my primary language, but Im having help from a translator who are writing the texts for me now - my lovely wife).
    - Adding a saving checkpoint for Chapter II (so you don't have to complete all this before be able to save)
    - Adding 2 new spells (1 for chapter I, 1 after complete chapter II) providing new ways to fight mobs
    - Tweaking on fight mechanics and some balance in Boss on Chapter II
    - Introducing Chapter III

    Future Updates:
    - For chapter IV I want to introduce a crafting system in the game (something like Terraria's Crafting System)
    - Dynamic Inventory System
    - Spellbook (you will be able to customize some spells and create others by combination)

    Well, I want to create a living project so if you purchase the game now, wait for good free updates in the future.

    I will use this Thread to keep you guys updated with new stuffs.
    Fell free to send impressions and what you want to see in future updates!

    Thank you again guys for all support, its a 1man project (Im coder, graphic designer and tester) but I always want to keep the quality high. Its an old dream becoming true, as an older gamer (since 1980) and Im very happy. See you guys soon.

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    Jan 11, 2012
    App Store (Lite Version):

    1.1 Changes:
    Major Updates:
    - Chapter III Debuts (Explore the Dangerous Desert Temple)
    - Gameplay Improvements
    - UI Enhancements
    - Adding 2 new spells providing new ways to fight mobs

    Minor Updates:
    - Improvement on ingame performance
    - Mob Death Animations
    - Cuber Death Animations
    - New Waypoint in Chapter II
    - Boss 2 Balances and Graphics Revamp
    - Main Menu Enhancements

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