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    So I know that the 3g has a real problem with overheating and whatnot. And if you replace the casing for the phone (like say replace the black casing with an orange casing), there is no heat disperser - inside on the plastic there is a little foil-like-thing that is the shape of the battery sort-of, but that doesn't exist on the new case that I have.

    So pretty much, the new case is going to be much more susceptible to the discoloration that happens when the iphone overheats as it usually does.

    WHAT IF....I put a few drops of thermal compound on it (the stuff you use for a computer processor). Would that work to reduce the heat that is directly applied to the plastic from the battery? Or is that just a waste of thermal compound?
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    iphones and thermal compound

    I would strongly suggest never putting thermal compound in an iPhone. For starters the battery is the source of heat. It is stuck to the rear case with adhesive and dissipates its heat through the case. Thermal compound speeds the process of heat transfer by removing any air pockets between the two contact surfaces. What will happen if thermal compound is added is you will actually increase the temperature of the case by speeding up the heat transfer and potentially cause your discoloring and heating problem to get worse.

    What you may want to try instead is replacing the battery the heating characteristics of each battery is different.

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