Curious question for/about Apple "geniuses"

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by zorinlynx, Oct 27, 2010.

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    I hear so many stories about Apple "geniuses" being unhelpful; refusing to replace batteries under warranty (only to get them replaced by another employee without issue) and otherwise being a pain about fixing problems and blaming the customer for things breaking.

    Do Apple employees get some sort of "credit" for turning away customers when they need help? I mean, look at it from the employee's point of view; swapping that battery or hard disk doesn't personally cost them anything. So the only reason they must be refusing is that Apple penalizes them for replacing too many warranty parts or something of that nature.

    What's the story here? What's the motive behind Apple "geniuses" and other employees occasionally being self-righteous and denying repairs? I know if I worked behind the counter I'd do everything I can to make the customer happy and only turn them away in cases of very obvious abuse (as in, the machine has been dropped and has a corner smashed).
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    No, I don't think they get credit. I'm Apple has stock reports and guidelines on what constitutes a necessary repair and what doesn't.
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    Most of the geniuses I have met are helpful and polite.

    However you do get the occasional nerd on a power trip.

    What Apple really needs is some improved quality control and accountability of its own store employees.

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