Current 3G TC , another TC or Extreme?

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    I have a 3rd gen (flat type) TC 1Tb. I use it connected to my ISP modem and for TM backups for my iMac. I think it may be time to upgrade.

    I can't just use the Sky modem as it only allows a certain number of access if using the access list which I use, so I have to have another TC or Airport Extreme I think.

    So I have iPhone 6, iPad Air, Apple TV2/3, numerous other WiFI devices. Will the newer A1521 6th Gen Airport Extreme be good enough, and then I'll use a USB HDD connected to either the AE or direct to my iMac for TM backups?

    Will the range improve at all? I have an older direct plug in Airport express WiFi N (A1264), will this be "pulling" down my WiFi as its a slower speed? I use it to extend the WiFi?

    Or should I buy another TC? I see Apple UK selling refurb AE for £145, or I can get a 2nd hand from a local shop for £95, or buy new?
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    Jan 28, 2009
    No networking gurus about that can help please?

    I'm still wondering wether to go for the Time Capsule or AE and a USB HDD route? I've read a bit about TC overheating problems, are these still happening on the latest models? Also the newest AE model now allows the USB port to be used as a Time Machine backup officially, so thats good..

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