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Jul 23, 2008
Hearst Castle
Saw the iPad mini in the Apple store for the first time on Friday. Real nice machine. Now my woman wants one. I'd like one too, form and weight are great. Need a retina screen though, I use my iPad for reading and business documents and sharp text is a necessity.

I see the iPad Mini is given a "don't buy" because a new model is likely to be announced, with some pegging an early October presentation and release. Does anyone have any more solid information on when the iPad mini 2 is likely to be released? Will it be released in October?

Second question, is the demand high for these mini iPads? I don't follow iPad news or forums at all. Can you just walk into an Apple store a day or two after release and get them? Or is it going to be more like an iPhone release where scalpers buy up everything, lineups the night before, and all the rest of the nonsense.

Any info is appreciated.


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Jul 23, 2008
Hearst Castle
And for the iPad product line, how long after keynote are iPads released. Is it usually within a month or so?


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Sep 28, 2010
Last year the iPad Mini was as follows:
Announced: 23th October
Released: 2nd November

So If we go by this and the iPhone time spans. Second Friday after announcement would put the next generation at:

Announced: 15th October
Released: 25th October


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Nov 12, 2012
When the Mini was released last year, the demand was very high with stores sold out and then not having stock for awhile especially the cellular model.

Later down the road they were much easier to come across.

We can be sure the Mini 2 will be here for the holidays at least. That is the only safe bet.

I guess will see how long it takes stores to get more of the 5S as well as I am not surprised that one sold like hotcakes. I'll get flamed BUT IMHO Apple seems to make sure to limit hot products in the beginning. You want a gold one, they are $700 on ebay. :)


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Jun 19, 2011
Central Florida
Best bet is to pre-order online when they offer it. I pre-ordered a 16gb at 3am EST when the pre-orders went live, but decided before launch that i wanted a 32gb. The 16gb delivered on launch day, but i went to Best Buy at like 6:30am on launch day and picked up the 32gb. They had about 20 variations, so unless you're in line early, i'd say stick with pre-ordering. This store sold out by the time i was leaving with mine (was 3rd in line), so YMMV. Keep in mind, the day of the keynote for the next iPads, it's a good chance that current refurbs are going to drop in price by a decent amount. At least that was the trend with past launches. So if your woman isn't needing/wanting a retina, you could probably score a refurb for a decent price. Just a thought.
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