Current MBP vs new Macbook & Air.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by brclark80, Sep 22, 2016.

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    I've search for this, but couldn't find exactly what I am looking for. I am in need of a Macbook. I had a 2015 Air with 128gb ssd and 4gb RAM, but it wasn't quite fast enough. I am turned off by the new Macbook with the m3 processor and the single port. I was looking at the 2015 MBP, but saw the issues with the screen coating.

    If I ordered the 13" MBP now, would it have the fixed display, or would I be stuck with the defective one? Also, is the 2015 13" MBP faster, as in real world use, than the 12" entry level Macbook? Also,w would it be faster than an i7 Air with 8gb of RAM?

    I am not interested in waiting for the new MBP, I need one very soon, and if the current MBP is capable, I would be happy using it. I just don't want to be stuck with a MBP that my screen will go bad.
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    I believe the jury is out on the screen issue. I have seen a couple of comments that perhaps the issue is not completely resolved, but I'm taking them with a grain of salt. I have had no issues to date, touch wood!

    Yes it's faster than the 12" entry level Macbook.
    Benchmarks here:

    You didn't say which 13" you're purchasing but the fastest 13" scores 3589 (3.1GHz i7) and the slowest current gen scores 3344 (2.7Ghz i5).

    The entry level Macbook scores 2500 (1.1Ghz m3).

    The Macbook Air with 13" i7 2.2Ghz scores 3217.

    So based on benchmarks the slowest Pro is faster than the others.

    In the real world it depends what you're doing. Editing a word document there's not really going to be a difference. Photo or audio processing, or heavy browsing, and you should expect to see a noticeable difference.

    I tried a 2015 Air with 4GB before picking up my MBPro. I found the 4GB too limiting and had to return it, but I have had no issues at all with the 8GB on the MBPRo. The Air was FANTASTIC until it hit that 4GB ceiling and then it suddenly really slowed down. But again, for light use it's truly a great laptop.
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    The screen coating issue is not widespread, most people never have any trouble at all, it seems to be a few batches that had an issue with the application, my 2013 rMBP is still spotless nearly 3 years later. Nobody can guarantee you won't get it but the 2015 seem to be fine so far but this information is just extrapolation of online talk no hard and fast facts will ever be released.

    Yes the rMBP is faster than rMB and will not throttle due to heat nearly as much, it has better processors and graphics than the air and to be honest the i7's make very little difference they are all dual core and a little extra clock speed and a mb of cache doesn't matter unless you are always maxing out your machine (in which case you'll want a quad core 15 inch).

    Without some idea of what you use the computer for its difficult to say wether it's what you need.
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    Pro will be faster, no question, as for the coating, it seems that the issue was corrected in manufacturing, I don't think its happening to current machines AFAIK
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    My opinion only, but NO WAY would I consider either the MacBook Air or MacBook to be equal to a MacBook Pro.

    Just no comparison, re ports, etc.
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    I didn't like what I was reading about the new models also so I pulled the trigger on this;
    It was $300 reduced with full warranty (eBay) and since I didn't think the new MacBook would be to my liking or offer anything new that I would use, bought and am loving it. Used a 15' rMacBook Pro for several years while working at my newspaper and tried to buy it when I retired in April. Love the ports, especially the HDMI, keyboard and the build (thinner design would not be my favorite change at all) and for my usage this laptop is a dream. My screen looks amazing and so far everything is looking good and running snappy. Updated to Sierra just fine and everything is functioning perfectly.
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    I have a theory that the screen coating issue is related to how or where an individual uses the device. It seems like many people with the issue expirence it multiple times. But the people who experience it represent a small minority. Don't let that issue stop you from gettting the machine, as Apple will replace the display.
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    I believe this is correct. And also where. One person lived by the ocean in a humid location and seem to constantly have issues. Sand and salty air probably are not too good for the screen and computers in general.

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