Curved iMac Concept Scribble


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Nov 23, 2006
I just had an idea for the next generation iMac I want to share. I know, I'm no Jonathan Ive, and I am no designer and the drawing is of course just a scribble. I am not even a fan of touch surfaces, but nonetheless, what do you think of this concept?

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Jan 4, 2012
The sketch isn't too bad actually. :)

A permanently curved display would probably prove to be annoying to the user, as they couldn't change the angle of the screen. However, if this is a flexible foldable display, it seems like a really interesting concept. Flexible displays that we can roll up into a small scroll-like tube is definitely the future. Imagine a Macbook Pro in your pocket.


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Oct 22, 2007
An Island in the Salish Sea
Very cool idea. Assuming no external keyboard, then this would not be ideal for lots of text input, since really good typists like the the tactile feel of the keys.... however lots of other things where text is secondary.... this could be an interesting twist.

For instance, for photographers, having a really big touch surface to work with could be a plus. Most of the "action" would happen on the horizontal surface, similar to what you do on a track pad/mouse pad, and ergonomically similar.

Hmm.... it would be worth mocking up... obviously you couldn't easily duplicate the touch-ness, but if you just duplicated the curve (perhaps drop the curve off the bottom of an iMac or other display) and see how it works ergonomically when the screen and the touchy part of the screen are actually in front of you.



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Oct 13, 2011
It looks like an iMac that has started melting. Cool idea though. I like the idea of the screen being flexible, so that it could be adjusted by the user or rolled up and portable.


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Nov 23, 2006

Yes, not being able to adjust the angle could be a problem, since this thing would even more so act like a mirror reflecting the ceiling light. But maybe (I still hope) a matte screen becomes modern again. :rolleyes: And with the modern glass technology, who knows, maybe just a little flexibility would already be enough.

The tactile feeling would defenitely be a show-stopper for extensive textual work (or programming), I know. That's why I'm not that eager to have that for text input.

I can also imagine having problems with the uppermost keys as you would need to bend your fingers upwards.

Anyway thanks for the comments! I'm starting to heat up the radiators to melt my screen. :)


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Feb 19, 2005
The issue I see with this is that you're required to have the screen at a specific distance from your face which appears too close for comfort. Or am I wrong? I do like the sketch.
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