Custom Color Profiles N/A After OSX Update?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by CrownSeven, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. CrownSeven macrumors member

    Aug 14, 2008
    So I applied the recent OSX update, and the next day I noticed that there was something wrong with the way the colors were coming through on my display. They didn't seem to pop anymore.

    So I check the Color Profile, and the only Profile available is the 'Color LCD' profile. Prior to the update I had many more color profiles. I check to see if they we're removed from the colorsync/Profiles/Displays folder, but they are still there. :confused:

    I'm a mac newb, so cut me a little slack here, but does this seem right?
  2. CrownSeven thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 14, 2008
    Looks like i figured it out. For some reason or another (the update maybe) the checkbox 'show profiles for this display only' was checked. I simply unchecked and there were my profiles again.

    Ah to be a newb.

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