Custom Mac Server with 12TB SAS array

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    Apr 23, 2012
    So I am going to be getting a HP MSA60 12TB SAS array (12x1TB) along with a server rack, a rack mount KVM, and an old HP server all for FREE in the next week. I am deciding what to do with it.

    My plan right now is to build a custom mac (hackintosh if you want to call it) using a rack mount ATX case and compatible hardware, i5 and such, don't need help on that. But the main think i'm not sure about is the mini-sas connection that the Raid array uses. I have seen a couple options made by highpoint and am wondering if anyone has used them before or know if they work with Yosemite.

    My plan for the setup when it's complete is for hosting my 500GB itunes content (use home sharing), be file storage for my sisters professional photography (over 500gb), run minecraft servers, web hosting, etc.

    Another thing i'm not completely sure about is if the HP raid array needs a special controller or if any sas controller will interface with it.

    any helpful info for this project would be appreciated.
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