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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by ziggyonice, Apr 16, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    Any ideas on why this happens? I'm playing C&C3 (Tiberium Wars), and each time I import a custom map I've downloaded, I get a pink screen in the preview window (and on the map, while playing). Notice in the screenshot below, the preview of the map (in the center of the screen) is pink. It doesn't actually show what the map should look like. Thoughts?


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    ...this happened to me, too - think it has something to do w/where you place the tga (art) file of the map, maybe - didn't like TW enough to figure it out (plus, it ran like molasses on my MBP CD2.16); even w/updates - the KW Cider port someone did runs *much* better, and the expanded factions add more to the game - IMO, TW was ok, but very plain when compared to Zero Hour (esp. since no one on the mac side could figure out how to load mods - not that there's a lot of mods for this one - which kinda tells how popular it was/is). Wish someone woudl tell me how RA3 runs on an older MBP...

    try placing the TGA file somewhere else (IIRC, there's another folder it may/can go in?) good luck!
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    you ever figure this out???? cuz i am having problems getting pink maps on red alert 3! i cant see a n difference in the folder of the maps that work or the maps that show up pink
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    i THINK

    it has to do with where you place the .tga file - if i'm not completely mistaken, it has to go either: a) in TWO diff. folders, one located in the Maps, teh other in the Artwork folder -or- b) it has to go only in ONE of the folders, but NOT with the actual map itself? IN PREFERENCES, c_drive, i think???

    bah - lousy memory. and i uninstalled it, since it ran like molasses on my MBP rev. B (spec'd out, too - :p), so i can't be sure and i never plan on reinstalling it again - should sell the damn game. KW was better, ran better. But in uninstalled that one, too - never a good sign when you got the damn game for free...

    BUT NO MODS - feh! a pox on EA. that, more than anything killed the games for me.
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    oh yeah

    forgot i posted that already - man i hated that game more than i thought...:rolleyes:
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    Jul 25, 2009
    well i am a noob in the Mac since i just bought it in Jan. I beg you please, can you kinda be detailed and tell me what to do, otherwise i will be hunting around forever. lol

    thanks again
    usmc retired
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    Feb 2, 2009
  8. xxamplifyxx macrumors newbie

    Jul 25, 2009
    i agree lol....... but that doesnt solve my problem lol
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    ok, sorry - so welcome to macs! and to the wonderful world of WTF??? when it comes to ciderized games!

    So...the APP itself, right-click on it (enable that in your system preferences), and you'll see an option to Show Package Contents (it's a .pkg in app form) - there, you'll find SYSTEM specific files for the game (usually) - but you have to look around a bit to find the 'file structure' - since it's unix and not dos, it's a little diff, but mostly the same: what you will find is a c, p, and f 'drive' - while not drives per se, the transgaming cider wrapper makes it 'think' it's drives (or something like that). they're actually folders and in those folders is the EXACT SAME FILES as the windoze counterpart (literally!).

    Usually, any mod related files need to in there - but to my knowledge, you CAN'T load mods or anything else in RA3 or CNC3TW or CNCKW (and def. CNC4), due to the fact that EA made it so that mods can be loaded directly from the game's UI interface -which, as i LOUDLY grumble about every chance i get- and they did NOT enable that for macs (douches).

    BUT, any GAMER specific files (like Maps and Custome Maps) can usually be found in your PREFERENCES folder - i run 10.4 (tiger) still, so i can't REALLY vouch for how accurate i am in this respect, but i think it's still the same (unix, after all): you need to find your USER icon (w/e it is, it's not your SYSTEM icon), and look for Library, find the Preferences folder, find the CNC3 or RA3 preferences folder (usually starts with 'EA Command...' etc) and check that out - if you don't see the Custom Maps folder then go ahead and make one - put all custom maps in there. BUT! you ALSO should see if you can find the regular Maps folder and take a look at the structure (are TGA files located in the same folder as the map, basically is what you need to know). and ya know what? my KW pref folder is still in there -just checked- and note that it has a My Documents folder, just like XP! Run over to the EA site and find out how EXACTLY you're supposed to put the Maps in; it'll be the SAME for macs, but it's in that MYD folder in Prefs! here' spicture for you of the Preferences file structure and you can see the Maps folder and teh stuff EA popped in - but again, since I don't recall ever loading customs into KW....but it has to be very similar to TW...

    Truthfully, you will have to do a lot of kludging on your own to wrangle the 'pink art' issue - but be sure to check ALL of the folders both in the APP itself and in Preferences - once you start to get a feel for how the files are 'splayed' out in those two areas, you should be able to put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4. This is pretty much what i did (and continue to do) when confronted with PC files in Mac games (this weekend i figured out how to load 2009-10 updated rosters in my Madden 08! yay! no more TO!!!)

    but my disclaimer is that you may never be able to figure it out, due to the fact that EA does not support mac games (even ones they SAY they do). I have to do a LOT of searching (well, in the past - these days i kludge until i figure it out or get sick of the game and don't bother; and usually it's the latter). I won't load 'em back on (even tho' i still have the dmg's), so sorry in advance for that. I'll likely use an RA3 torrent (take THAT EA!) to play the gunrun mod for RA3 (and only cuz his mods are so phlippinphatastic), and will likely tire of it due to the extreme nature of the game (pwntastic.)

    again, G/ZH they absolutely completely nailed it on the head- and while the newer games do look fab on a newer Mac or good PC, the gameplay is staler than 6 month old baguettes. And the fact that ZH mods outnumber TW/KW/RA3 mods all put together; well that says it all, don't it? on moddb i'm watching 10 diff mods this year for ZH and each one not only improves the gameplay, it DAMN NEAR makes it a whole new game each time a new mod is loaded (playing Beng's awesome LDN mod right now and am dying to load MEC1.9 and Destructive Forces, all the while knowing Rise of the Reds, Shockwave and The End of Days all are racing to the 'finish line'!!) and thankfully, they must've had some mac guys or w/e, because there are VERY few mods you can't load (even if it has an .exe - you just boot into windoze, 'install' it and copy the files over! rock!).

    ok, so sorry about that last part of ZH evangelism, but seriously; for total gameplay hours and LAN madness, you can't beat it IMO. finally, always be sure to go over to Insanely Mac (the x86 guys) and look around in those forums - they really are a bunch of great folks who know that the whole 'mac/pc' thing is rubbish and not worth the breath it's wasted on. I've found either answers or a point in the right direction everytime i've gone there (not to take anything away from MR, but IM - they're like geniuses or sumthin'!).

    good luck! and pm if you need anymore help!:D

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