Custom partitioning scheme for Mac OS X anyone?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by HawaiiMacAddict, May 19, 2007.

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    Aloha everyone,

    I remember, from my Linux days, reading of many custom partitioning schemes others used when installing their favorite Linux distro and was wondering if any Mac users approached installing Mac OS X the same way - with custom partitioning schemes. If so, how do you set up your paritions, and what is the logic behind the partitions and sizes? Also, for those who use the custom parition setup, do you also have a separate Standard User account for your daily computing? I noticed that the default setup of Mac OS X is just one large partition for the entire disc and setting the user up with Administrator priveleges. Coming from the Windows world (as of last August), I'm just a bit paranoid, although I'm getting over that bit by bit :D

    Mahalo in advance for your responses,

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    May 6, 2004
    No point to it

    I'm also a fellow UN*X guy (solaris was the drug of choice), and I have found little purpose in partitioning my desktop machine. Partitions are useful if you need to define your swap space (ala Linux, Solaris, etc...) or absolutely limit the amount of space a certain file or group can use (i.e. don't let the database bring down the whole system). Way back in the before time it was also useful to isolate the speediest part of the disk to limit read/write latency. However, for a desktop, especially given the size and speed of today's disks, I have just found that it is not worth the hassle to limit yourself. You may think 20 GB is good for the home directory now, but what about tomorrow? Your only option will become a full reformat. I say stick with the single partition and don't give it another thought.

    Cheers from the other ocean.

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    The same question was asked twice yesterday alone. Partition if you want to for peace of mind, most people don't and it works just fine.

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