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    Hi everyone,

    I live in the USA but have purchased an Ipad which has been delivered to France (I had a credit on a french website and I had to get it delivered to France). As I'm only getting back to France in 6 months, I would like my parents to send me the Ipad from France to the USA. Is it legal ? Should I pay any taxes ? I'm asking this because the price of the Ipad is 399$ in the US and 399€ in France, so I think I've already paid a lot of taxes, don't really want to pay more than this...

    What is the best way to send electronical stuff from Europe to America ?

    Thanks very much!
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    Taxes would already be paid upon receipt in France as per their Customs. Why would it not be legal to redirect the package to the US. Since your parents have already received the package, this should make it easy. Have them re-wrap it and put their return address on the package, if the have a return France address. This will show customs that the package was already received in France. Have your parents put that it is a gift on the customs paperwork and all should be good. Make sure they send it with proper insurance coverage and delivery confirmation. Delivery confirmation will insure that the package is delivered into your hands.
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    I don't believe you will get any credit for sales taxes already paid. It may be possible to apply for (in France) to get some of the sales taxes rebated...but I would doubt it. Usually those programs are limited to tourists who can apply while in the airport for a limited range of goods.

    You may need to pay customs duty on import. In Canada we also pay the sales tax on goods imported. I don't know what the US rules are. All in all, plus the shipping costs of course. An expensive proposition I'm afraid.

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