Cutting the Cable Cord - Question on Atenna's

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by between2tides, Oct 30, 2015.

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    I've had Apple TV for years now and split my time between cable and ATV. Getting ready to let cable go upgrade to the new ATV and was thinking I was going to buy a digital antenna for local programming. News and sports pretty much. Guess I'll live without ESPN. I was hoping to mount the digital antenna right in the cabinet that houses all the entertainment gear. I keep reading that I need to mount the antenna on a window which won't work in my situation.

    Wondering if any of you have any advice about this. Especially the antenna part.

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    True story. My boss bought an US$80 amplified antenna for OTA (over the air) digital TV. I had done a little research and told him to get a coat hanger. We did a blind test where I didn't tell him what I had connected to his TV... And he couldn't tell the difference.

    There's too much information available to try and summarize it here other than use the cheapest antenna you can stand to buy and try it where you want it first. If you are in a strong signal area it might work in your cabinet. If not, the back of the TV. If not... You get the idea. Move it around till you find some place that works. It's really not more complicated than that. Digital will work well or not. Keep in mind weather has a great effect on digital OTA reception, as well as leaves. So don't be surprised if your experience changes with the weather and season. A good strong signal will overcome those limitations.
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    By the way, "digital antenna" is a ripoff. The same antennas that worked 30 years ago will work today. Digital TV uses less of the same frequencies that analog TV used.
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    #4 will estimate TV signal strengths based on your location. This should help you determine what kind of antenna you need.

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