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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ipedro, Oct 7, 2013.

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    I cut the cord 6 years ago with the original AppleTV and OTA digital tv reception. After the initial changing pains, it worked for me.

    I've since moved to a new building where I get fiber optic cable tv for free for a year. Even though I have access to 600 channels, I only turned on the tv a few times out of curiosity. My new AppleTV habits have become engrained and out of habit I never really watch broadcast TV anymore. I sent the cable box back and haven't even installed an OTA antenna.

    AppleTV's new podcast update made it easier to watch/listen to podcasts like you would TV programming. List your own podcast stations.
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    Same here

    Same here, I don't watch TV anymore, the Podcasts I subscribed to are mainly from Cnet and some political ones from Al Jazeera.

    And Apple Events for sure.
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    I watch a few podcasts every week.

    c|net - The Apple Byte
    TWiT - iPad Today
    TWiT - MacBreak Weekly
    TWiT - Security Now
    Apple Events
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    There lies the problem with podcasts. The people with knowledge to produce good podcasts are technology enthusiasts, so the majority of podcasts are about... technology :rolleyes:

    The discussion I'm looking to start on this thread is one to brainstorm ideas to replace people's daily routines previously occupied by broadcast television channels. The new podcast channels feature in iOS, iTunes and AppleTV facilitates this.

    So for example, I like to wake up, turn on the TV and watch the news. So I'd could create a channel called "News" with podcasts from Anderson Cooper, BBC news, NBC News and say Rachel Maddow. These podcasts need to be reliably updated daily, otherwise they'll break the daily use case.

    Another instance where I'd turn on the TV would be if I want some background audio for when I'm working or doing chores. I could call this Background Audio. I like John Gruber's "The Show" but it's only updated once a week or sometimes longer. 99% Invisible is another great podcast.

    Maybe I'd like to sit down and watch a podcast when I feel like watching TV during a break. Let's call this one Breaktime Podcasts. I'd include only video podcasts that I'm interested in seeing. I like FOUNDATION by Kevin Rose and maybe some TED podcasts could fit here.

    I'm trying to discover quality podcasts that could replace TV programming so my suggestions above are tentative and really only placeholders. I'm interested in hearing other people's Podcast Channels.

    Which podcast lineups would you do? Let's list them in this format:

    Anderson Cooper
    NBC Nightly News
    Rachel Maddow
    BBC News

    Background Audio
    99% Invisible
    The Show (John Gruber)

    Breaktime Podcasts
    TED Talks

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