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Cyber Monday 2017: Amazon Has $100 App Store and iTunes Gift Cards for $85


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Apr 12, 2001

Amazon has extended a sale from Black Friday into Cyber Monday, offering you the chance to buy a $100 App Store and iTunes Gift Card for $85 with the promo code ITUNES15. This limited promotion can be applied to any iTunes gift card priced at $100 or more, so you also can get $15 off $150 and $200 cards sold by Amazon's ACI Gift Cards Inc. storefront. There is a limit of one card per customer as well.

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You can specify any email address to be the recipient for the card, as well as a date closer to Christmas or any other holiday, making it easy to send the gift card as a present to someone this season.

Amazon's offer is the only leftover iTunes gift card deal from Black Friday, and not many other deals in this area have surfaced today. For a longer list of Cyber Monday sales, check out our full roundup on the shopping event, as well as a particularly good deal on last year's MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Article Link: Cyber Monday 2017: Amazon Has $100 App Store and iTunes Gift Cards for $85


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Jan 13, 2008
Is this the best iTunes Promo? Hoping for at least 20% off

If you have an Amazon CC then you'll get 5% back as store credit.

Now, many will assume that 15% off + 5% back = 20%, but remember that's it's 5% back on the $85 you spent, which is $4.25. That's a total savings of $19.25 for a relative value of 19.25%. That's the best you'll likely get.
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Sep 21, 2009
I wish there was an Apple store card promotion. The one that would apply to hardware and not just apps/content.


Mar 5, 2004
You can specify any email address to be the recipient for the card..

This is absolutely incorrect. You cannot specify any email address.

Some countries do not allow iTunes gift cards. Colombia is a good example. I’ve had to deal with this problem on numerous occasions.


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Jan 8, 2005
If you're a member, Costco has $200 iTunes email codes for $165... 17.5% off. That's the best deal I know about currently, and I think it's ending today.

Plus there’s $25 off purchases of $250 or more Costco coupons. If your store no longer has the flyers call costumer service. Buy one $200 and three $25 iTunes cards. This gives you a little over 25% off. About the best deal at the moment. If you have Apple Music you can pay by the year for $99 with the cards, also storage and any apps linked through iTunes like Netflix subscriptions etc.

And you can have them sent to multiple addresses. Be sure to add emails during checkout.
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