Cyclic Redundency Check Killed my Mac

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by keister, Jan 30, 2010.

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    hi folks... here'sa doozy for ayone up for a challenge.

    Got a 3 year old macbook (OSX 10.5) that runs Windows XP (SP2) off a partition on the HD. Booted up in windows and was downloading two files via Bittorret when it gave me a cyclic redundency check. With a quick look, got some advice to stop using your computer, youre harddrive is failing. So i shut down.

    Problem is... I can't bootup again. I just want to get a few personal files before i say goodbye. But i can't boot back up in OSX or XP. And it doesn't sound like the drive is physically failing either. No clicks, no loud spinning, just regular harddrive noise.

    I've also tried connecting it as a USB to my GF's teeny weeny cutie EeePC. It will recognize the Windows partition and take forever to map out whats on there, but it won't recognize my Mac portion of the HD (which is where I would like to get my files from).

    So because of this whole bootcamp mixup with my Mac,I can't access nothing of importantance (all on my macpartition). Windows won't boot, Mac won't boot, and I can't get anything off the Mac portion cause windows won't see the Partition.

    Any guesses?
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    Windows won't recognize your OSX HDD because of it's file format. I assume your gf's EeePC is running Windows? You might wanna try hooking it up to another Mac with an external kit.
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