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    Hi, I think I will start whit race cycling or what do you call it, like the cycles they use in to the france and thing like that.
    Anyone here that train or compete in this?
    Do you have some tips how you should train, and what I should get for my first race bike and other equipments.
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    I did long distance triatholon training. and now just to running

    the theory behind long distance training is the same. Lot's of hours at an appropropriate Heart Rate

    In my peak weeks i trained 17 hours and in off active rest weeks down to around 7.

    basically it's getting the milage -- you should start off with 3 days of riding -- and then build to 6 days after a few months --- for the first few months only use a watch to tell you how long you have been riding for -- better yet -- measure out the distance using a car and then ride the those distances WITHOUT knowing how long it takes.

    Don't be to concerned with speed just get those miles up there so you have the endurance to handle more intense training.

    two pieces of equipment i found usefull and beneficial was a heart monitor and a cadence screen for my bike --- the heart rate monitor made me aware of staying within my 70 - 75 heart rate range and the cadence kept me peddling in the 80 rpm range

    2. don't underestimate the power of resistance training --- twice a week a good fully body workout will do wonders, sports specific isn't necassary at this point, just get your ligaments and joints stronger.

    STRETCHING --- a good stretch after a 10 minute warm up ride BEFORE riding a long ride will make the ride easier on you -- a good stretch after will make you want to ride your bike again the next day.

    DIET -- Very important that you get enough calories in the form of complex carbs for energy, protien to build and rebuild muscle, and offcourse essential fats.

    a 50, 30, 15 split will be good to start --- but you might find yourself doing 55, 25 and 15 before long because you'll be using A LOT OF energy .. .especially when you get to training 17 hours.

    in terms of equipment ... i recommend the 1200 - 1700 range with lower quality components but a solid frame. That way ... you can build on the frame with higher qaulity components ... OR you might just find that you want a whole new system that you build from scratch ... but that 1200 - 1700 is a good range to shoot

    best of luck
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