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    Sep 14, 2008
    Just for the record, I would like to make a quick note about Cycorder.

    Until now, it is a bit cumbersome to copy the movies that you recorded with Cycorder to your Mac or PC.

    One could do it via ssh, which works.

    But I have found the following to be a bit more convenient.

    For this, you need the apps "Air Sharing" (currently free) and Mobile Terminal (only for setup), and firmware 2.1.
    Install both apps.

    Then, with Terminal on your iPhone:
    1. rm ~mobile/Media/Videos; (Cycorder stores its videos in this folder)
    2. make a directory "Cycorder" in the folder which Air Sharing provides for file exchange, i.e., 'mkdir ~mobile/Applications/XXXXX-XXXX/Documents/Air\ Sharing/Cycorder' where XXXX is the folder where lives in;
    3. create a symbolic link that points from ~mobile/Media/Videos to ~mobile/Applications/XXXXX-XXXX/Documents/Air\ Sharing/Cycorder, i.e., 'cd ~mobile/Media; ln -s ~mobile/Applications/XXXXX-XXXX/Documents/Air\ Sharing/Cycorder .'

    Warning: one problem -- when you upgrade AirSharing, you MUST re-create the symbolic link!
    Apparently, the XXXX path of the AirSharing folder changes after an update of Air Sharing! ;-(


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