Cydia app that can block specific apps from internet?


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Oct 31, 2005
New Mexico
Do you guys know of one?? I want to use it for spotify, so that I can use spottily offline all the time. Thanks!


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Jan 27, 2012
Firewall IP can block outgoing access on a per app basis. I've had a few issues on my 4s, IOS 5.0.1, that I think are caused by Firewall IP, though.

I can get AIM Free to crash 100% of the time if Firewall IP is active and is enabled for Aim Free, even if I have it set to allow all outgoing connections. If I deactivate Firewall IP or disable Firewall IP just for AIM Free, then AIM Free does not crash. I've had a few other apps crash in a similar fashion to AIM Free, that I also think is caused by Firewall IP.

I'm still running FireWall IP, I just now disable it for specific apps that I find it conflicts with.