Cydia crash 3.1.2 tried everything!


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Jul 25, 2010
I got this iphone used, it was already jailbroken to ois 4 and unlocked (I use T-M) but it was running slow so I downgraded to 3.1.2 and initially, everything was fine. I used cydia to unlock and used it for a few days.

I was downloaded some theme in cydia and the file wasn't fully downloaded and cydia closed out and wouldn't open again. I read online that it had something to do with the update and the un-completed download.

No big deal, I used iphonebrowser to delete the update files, still didn't open.

Whatever, so I restored the whole phone and started from scratch and re-jailbroke it (with redsn0w 0.9.3), and tried to open cydia to unlock and it would look like it was opening and then take me back to springboard.

I restored it again and re-jailbroke it with a different version of redsn0w and cydia still doesn't open.

I read online to delete the "zottd" files but I looked through every file folder in the phone and I don't have any.

What else is there to do? Any suggestions? Please!! This phone is completely useless without cydia and the ability to unlock!



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May 13, 2008
Dallas, TX
On my last jailbreak for some reason cydia was doing the exact same thing. What worked for me was to find the most recent .deb file for cydia and re-installed it (via ssh and ifile). Solved my problem. Found the deb via a google search.