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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by globalist, Apr 7, 2011.

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    Aug 19, 2009

    although Cydia has been made somewhat faster and it's not as bad/slow on my iP4 as it used to be on my 3G/S anyway, there are still some gripes I have with the installer and the lack of any real effort to keep it polished. Here goes, maybe you guys can have some input:

    1. I stumbled upon Cydia's Twitter account and guess what, in 2 years it has a total of 0 tweets:!/cydia


    2. The way it seems to be "reloading data" and "loading" and "annoying you some more" all the time is just ridiculous. I mean why should I need to see a spinning wheel next to the "DONE: Packages" text for more than a second? Done means done, so what's the matter here? And yet I must stare at this for a good 15 seconds each time I launch Cydia. Incremental updates anyone?


    3. Notice the text above: "Upgrading to 4.0.2? Read this". Jeez, this has been there for almost a year now, who cares about these obsolete advices?

    4. In the featured section, clicking Retina-X brings me to the package Smartphone, where Retina-X really is the name of the developer, not the package. Anyone noticed this?


    5. No multitasking support. Doh. :D
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    Oct 16, 2007

    Agreed on pont 2 only, with it :D
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    Cydia has improved alot with the last update and its loading very fast for me today. Days ago when the JB was first out it was slow as hell but you can expect that with that.

    1. Who cares if they posted or not on their twitter account? No big deal, you can find info using the Dev teams tweets or Sauriks etc...

    2. The loading and reloading times have improved but they are there for a reason and not just because we all like to stare at them till our screen dims. :)

    3. Yes, they havent updated those 4.0.2 warning and other stuff but Im sure they were working on more important things.

    4. I never notice that retinaX thing, I usually just install the packages that I need and use.

    5. This cannot be done at the moment for various reasons but maybe down the road it will be implemented.
    More details and Sauriks comments about the new Cydia 1.1 can be found here:
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    Those are hardly gripes. A true gripe is queing 10 apps only to find that the 11th is not compatible with your fw or setup and the whole que has to be cancelled, or why not trying to add stuff to an existing que of updates... a mind boggling exercise!

    Imagine Cydia being on the AppStore w/ a userland JB? - $149.95 easily- and I would pay up :) Now it's a free service to us all
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    +1 to what Applejuiced wrote. Sounds like OP wasn't around for the original Cydia. I'm very happy with the improvements they've made.

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