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Discussion in 'iPad Hacks' started by jschlis, Mar 9, 2012.

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    Nov 21, 2011
    Think I screwed things up. For the last two weeks battery usage has increased terribly. Iphone is only used to go online, I have a work BB for talk, email and texting.Took out new apps and still the same. Two nights ago I figured I would reinstall Cydia. So after I reinstall all of the Cydia apps show in my settings and icons appear and work for the apps that have icons. When I go into Cydia the only apps that are installed is what gets installed when you first put in Cydia from the repos. The apps work but if I wanted to uninstall I can't . They are not listed as being installed when you open Cydia and Cydelete is no really the way to go when uninstalling Cydia apps. So if I do want to delete an app I have to reinstall just to delete. To make matters worse battery usage is really bad. I can't restore via Itunes then reinstall Cydia since the 5.1 update. Although I have saved my blobs I do not know how to use tiny umbrella correctly. Did I screw up the phone by reinstalling Cydia over Cydia?
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    Oct 13, 2010
    wrong forum, try iphone hacks.

    need more info; which iphone, firmware, baseband, do you need to unlock?

    if you are really quick you can still restore to 5.0.2
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    Nov 21, 2011
    sorry about the wrong thread, my mistake and I will try and move. Verizon iphone running 5.0.1, not sure what baseband I am running and no need to unlock.


    Don't know how to close thread and move but posting it on iphone hacks now.

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