D60 or 450D?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by jake.f, Jun 30, 2009.


Which one?

  1. Nikon D60 with 18-55 VR

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  2. Canon EOS 450D with 18-55 IS

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  3. Other (Please suggest)

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  1. jake.f macrumors 6502

    Sep 4, 2008
    NSW, Australia
    Im looking to buy my first DSLR. Mainly because i am sick of my Point and Shoot. I have looked at the D60 and the 450D. Both i can afford and both i would be getting with the 18-55 IS/VR kit lens and also for both later on i would be looking at a telephoto lens. At the moment i am leaning towards the 450D because I won't need to buy lenses with an AF motor and the live view (which i wont use much but would be handy). Anyway ill post a poll and hope to hear some opinons, Thanks.
  2. mattyb240 macrumors 6502a

    May 11, 2008
    Go out and try both in your hands is the best suggestion, but your logic is correct for the Canon, live view doesn't sound like something useful, but if you do some astro photography its good to get focus of the stars rather then squinting through the view finder, and any low down shots where you can't get on your belly to check focus and compose!
  3. romanaz macrumors regular


    Aug 24, 2008
    both are good starter Dslr's, I prefered the ergonomics of the 450D, hence why I have one (which I'm selling btw, to fund the 40D).

    The live view on it is excellent when needed, if you are ok either 1) manually focusing, like what the other poster said, for astrophotography, or for landscapes, or 2) praying the contrast AF hits where you want.

    Also, to me, and this might be a small thing, but Nikon's naming scheme for len's is annoying. I've seen some lens' with DX before AF-s, after it, before the focal length etc... kinda bothers me because it makes it harder to figure out what in tarnation I'm looking at! Canon's makes more sense to me, plus the lens' I want are cheaper and (supposedly) better image quality on the canon side.

    I would feel both in the hand and shoot with them and then make a decision.

    can't go wrong either way, both do take fantastic shots.

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