D7000 sample video has me thinking...

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by pdxflint, Nov 12, 2010.

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    ... that it may be time to seriously look into video now. Nice thing is you can use all the older Nikkor glass, and those with aperture rings can be manually adjusted during shooting... nice. Anyway, I know this is the digital photography forum, not video, but it's all getting to be blurred these days with the dSLR video movement. Check this short 3 minute "film" out made using minimal equipment; fluid head, tripod, 17-35f/2.8 and 80-200f/2.8 and some neutral density filters.

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    It's quite practical that DSLRs are video enabled these days. Sony did a clever thing with the pellicle mirror, allowing its cameras to use phase detection AF in video mode.

    I certainly don't see video any differently now than I did when I first got a DV camera. I actually prefer DV cameras for documentary type work, partly because of the large DOF, compact form factors, fair price and 10x zooms.

    Different applications are served with the most relevant tools for the job.

    If you wanted to make a feature film on a budget for TV release, a DSLR would be a good thing. It has been done and will be done for some time. Serious work for theatrical release would be better done with a RED, however.

    I would not base my purchasing decision on whether or not a DSLR had video. But I wouldn't shun it, either. Either way is fine.

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