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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Andrew D., Feb 13, 2009.

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    So my D80 is about a year old now and it's been through hell and back again, haha. I purchased it as a refurbished unit directly from Nikon. I haven't registered or whatever ever since I got it.. so here's my current situation:

    With my regular shooting use, the rubber guard where the thumb goes behind the trigger is coming off.. I put tape on it to keep it down but I know I must get it repair or worked on.

    So here it comes, how should I go about this? Can I contact the Nikon Repair Support to send it in even if I didn't register my camera a year ago? How much does it cost? Or should I find a local camera shop in my area? I have a Calumet near me but I don't know if they do repairs?

    Any help, advice would be great! Thanks all!
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    Have you reviewed this page yet? http://nikonusa.com/Service-And-Support/Service-And-Repair There's an 800 number on the linked page - call it. I just got off the phone with them and they answer pretty quickly.

    I don't think registering the camera matters. If you think the repairs should be covered under warranty then it will be up to you to prove it by supplying proof of purchase information and a copy of your warranty card. I have no idea on cost nor will Nikon until they inspect the camera.

    FWIW, from what I hear they do a complete refurb on equipment sent to them for repair. I sent in my 80-200 AF-S to them this week and I am hoping it comes home from Nikon as good as new.

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