Dad bought iPhone 4s via craigslist (Paranoid)

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    So my Dad (not very techie) bought an iPhone 4s via craigslist for my Mom last weekend. I guess the seller only wiped the iPhone "Reset All Settings" and didn't completely wipe the whole phone (I dont think the phone was stolen bc he was able to reset it). So now it is stuck in the beginning and asking for apple id bc the iCloud probably turned on. The seller has been uncooperative now with my Dad and is not answering his phone calls or text messages. He does answer when we use a different number, but hangs up when its my Dad. We even threatened via text that "we would hate to get the authorities involved for something so easy to avoid." Still no luck.

    I know my Dad has to take this loss and learn from this lesson. What I am worried about is will the 'FIND MY iPHONE' still be on even though it is not activated and not connected to wifi? Being paranoid that the seller could track down my parents house and burglarized it when they are not home.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. magilla macrumors regular

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    From what I have seen, you dad's SOL. If the original owner didn't turn off the iCloud lock, you dad would have to know the owner's Apple ID & password to unlock if from iCloud. Don't know what he paid for it but it's a paperweight unless the original owner wants to cooperate with him.
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    The OP seems to know that - his question is whether the people that sold his father the phone could now track and burglarize his parent's house.

    OP - your dad's best bet is to keep the phone turned off. Even if you could turn on wifi or cellular, I don't think it could be tracked, but with those off it definitely could not be. He should either trash the phone, or attempt to sell it for parts, letting potential buyers know about the situation. That, or turn it in to authorities and describe the situation.
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    OP, there is only 1 way to wipe an iPhone to the point that it asks for the Apple ID again and thats through DFU mode. If you use iTunes it will ask you to disable FMi before the restore and erasing the phone through Settings>General>Reset would prompt for the Apple ID Password before it is reset if FMi was on. If done with the latter 2 options, the iPhone will not ask for the password when it turns back on.

    Turn the phone off, or let the battery drain all the way down. It sounds like your dad is out however much he paid.
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    Thank you.
    I told him to just keep it off. He went to the carrier and the phone was definitely not stolen. Mind boggling why the seller just wont cooperate.
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    It may be stolen, just not reported to the carrier.

    Sorry about the bad seller. Hope it works out for the best.
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    Thanks guys.
    Yeah, my Dad now knows he has to take the loss. I just paranoid about the Find My Iphone still being on and their house being burglarized when they arent home or something.
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    Sorry I missed that in your OP. You might just give Apple a call and ask a "what if" kind of question & see what they have to say. Or talk to someone at a local Apple Store - they're SUPPOSED to be able to answer these kinds of things.
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    It's impossible to bypass the lock. The last thing you want to do when finding an iphone is restore it.
  10. C DM macrumors Sandy Bridge

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    Seems like the question is not really about that in particular.

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