Daily Deal Digital - Do you recommend?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Xander562, Jun 25, 2010.

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    There are a lot of janky camera companies on the web. Over the past several years, we've seen a number of reports on this forum from people who've gotten burned because they refused to believe an advertised price was "too good to be true".

    On the subject of gray market - Thom Hogan just put a comment on his site stating that, with Nikon purchases, you need to be careful about gray market products because Nikon USA doesn't repair them. The vendor generally does the repairs, but the vendor can't always quickly get the parts for the more expensive Nikon lenses/cameras. I don't know if the situation with Canon is similar, but it's yet another thing to look into if this is a gray market product.
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    Too Good to Be True.

    Check their Reseller Rating; http://www.resellerratings.com/store/Daily_Deal_Digital

    They have an overall score of 1.17 out of 10.

    In other words, Run as fast as you can.

    For a pricing reference, Amazon's price is $1599.99. B&H pricing is $1699.99 - $100.00 Instant Discount = $1599.00. Adorama pricing is also $1599.00. However, Adorama has Refurb's for $1449.95.

    Bang for your Buck, is the Canon Refurb through Adorama. And its a Canon Refurb, not an Adorama Refurb. So it will come with a Manufacture Warranty.

    Otherwise, if your looking to save $$$, then I would suggest, looking to several of the photography forums, that have Buy & Sell Boards. I'm a regular on Fred Miranda & Photography On the Net. Though I tend to spend more time on FM, than I do on POTN.

    FM B&S Board Search: 7D, http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/search.php

    Quick check of FS listings, show pricing varies from $1150 to $1400, depending on whats' all included in package.
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    I've had great experiences with the FM board too. I tend to buy bodies off of FM, lenses locally (I like to test...), and everything else from B+H.
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    Good to know! I will avoid it like the plague.
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    Be careful there...

    Yes, it is a Canon warranty, but Canon's warranty on refurbs is not the same as their new warranty. It's only 90 days. That's from Canon's own site, You can buy the refurbs (or new...) direct.

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    Yes you are correct, but for individuals, that look at any Warranty as a purchase point, then it should provide some peace of mind, even if its an abbreviated warranty period.
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    My experience

    If you are talking about Daily Digital Deal, I recommend for you to stay away. I ordered CANON 7D from them and never delivered. When I call them, they said "orders are backed up and will take 2 to 3 weeks to deliver" I called them two weeks later and they said the same thing. Meanwhile they tried to sell me a package deal at much higher price. I cancelled the order and tried with them again at another advertised price. I made sure they had the inventory at the time of order. They said they DO have them. I paid two day delivery option to ensure their fullfilment. Guess what...... they gave me the same pitch as before.

    I think they are looking to get the exposure for having good deals.... They have NO deals. Government should look into this matter and shut their store down. They even have exposure through NEXTAG.

    Don't deal with Daily Digital Deal!
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    You can always print off a copy of the website's low price and take it into Best Buy to see if they'll match it. Typically only works with brick and mortar stores, but I've seen some crazier things.
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    This is very common with online photo stores. I ordered a point and shoot once from a good price site I found through google and after waiting a few days to ship I got an email from them saying I needed to call and verify my order. I called and they tried to upsell me on all sorts of expensive crap, so I just told them I only wanted the camera and to ship it. Within a few minutes my order went from ready to ship to out of stock w/o a ship date. I called back and got some run around so canceled the order.

    I only deal through reputable dealers online now and prefer local stores.
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    I have and they are a scam. See other sites that log complaints I wish I had seen.
    I ordered 10/24. I got a confirmation for the order. Then I got 4 emails and 4 calls from them saying that they MUST speak with me before the order shipped. I called. I spoke to Greg x102. He said they couldn't ship until they confirmed some facts. (Who does that? They were OK with charging my credit card though.)
    I asked about warranties. The cost was prohibitive so I declined. He said the order would ship. Weeks later I still had no ship confirmation, no tracking number - nothing. But they had run the order through my credit card back in October. I wrote asking what was happening. I get a curt email the next day from a different department:

    On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 1:46 PM, wrote:
    We apologize at this time we are unable to fulfill your order since the item you placed an order for is unavailable.

    Greg, 866-5531-0088x102 (601-837-4076) seemed a nice guy at DailyDeal who spoke with me TWICE never said the product was not available. He said that they would ship the camera I ordered.

    This is the most ludicrous bait and switch. I can only conclude the sudden absence of the camera ordered is because the only way to get the great prices is to pay the astounding warranty cost.

    I now have to get my bank to get my money back on my credit card. This was my teen's birthday money she used to buy the camera.

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    Run as fast as you can from daily deal digital

    DAILY DEAL DIGITAL sold me everything & EVEN promised me more. I SEARCHED THE WEB FOR A NIKON D7000. NO ONE HAD ONE. EXCEPT DAILY DEAL DIGITAL & THEY EVEN HAD IT FOR LESS AND I was going to receive it in 2 days w/ a bunch of extra's!!! I was so excited until it never came. I had to call them. Soon realized they false advertised; they never had the camera & I wouldn't receive mine for 6 weeks. To not cancel my order they promised me a loaner camera- never happened & then promised me return phone calls from supervisors - NEVER happened! I quickly cancelled & got my money back. False Advertisement!!!! I had 2 different employees PROMISE me things on the phone: delivery in 2 days, then 7-10 days, then 6 weeks. AND then promised me a "free gift" even after I cancelled. NOT ONE THING they advertised, stated, promised or said was the truth. My wish is that anyone thinking of buying from Daily Deal Digital reads this & CHANGES THEIR MIND & RUNS AWAY AS FAST AS THEY CAN! Their package is a BIG BONUS PACKAGE OF LIES! BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!
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    If you have to ask …*(it's too good to be true)
    Seriously, save yourself the pain, stick to a reputable reseller (e. g. bhphoto, adorama, amazon, calumet) or find something on craigslist (always meet with the buyer, inspect the merchandise before you buy and ask for the receipt just in case, etc. etc.).

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