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    Following Apple's record earnings call, the UK newspaper The Daily Mail published an article today posing the question: Is Apple an Evil Tax Avoider or a Force for Good?

    Attempting to appear unbiased and fair (readers will know how rarely these words can be used in relation to the newspaper) they decided to give a for and against summary from two opposing views about the company. To me, it just reads like they hadn't got a clue what they were talking about. Even the Apple evangelist sounded laughably ignorant! I've attached photos of each for and against summary.

    The "Why I love Apple" list:
    Points 6, 9, and 10 are absolutely ridiculous - I'm actually embarrassed to be an Apple fan. Number 7 can be said about almost any smartphone these days so why did she include it?

    The "Why I Hate Apple" list:
    Points 1 is hardly representative of the majority of Apple fans. The criticism of points 2 and 3 can be levelled against many other tech companies. Point 4 is not factoring in the costs of excellent customer support and coding the software which is now free! It is also entirely up to Apple how much it charges. Point 6 is absurdly skewing the facts yet again. Batteries usually outlast the life of the phones these days and so why reduce the sturdiness and sleekness by designing an easily removable backplate?

    I could go on...the writing is lazy beyond comprehension. These are paid journalists! The least they can do is actually do some research before they write this BS!

    Online article here.

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    Hmmmm, all depends how you read it.
    in terms of your calls outs, i regular see women using the phone for makeup purposes, so i can see where she's coming from.

    Tax avoider, its true AUK only paid 1% on sales in the UK, and I'm sorry but by ANY measure thats just not acceptable or moral. I'm not a high court judge so i can say if it is or is not illegal, however the EU is investigating apple around tax issues.

    In terms of free - nothing from apple is free, you've paid for it somewhere already and the products are struggling with quality for sure.

    All in all, they are just opinions, some i agree with, others i don't.
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    Meh.. I see valid points on both sides. And I've been using Apple products for over a decade.
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    Your life would probably improve multi-fold if you just stopped reading the Daily Mail. :D
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    It's the Daily Mail, what can you expect?!

    I did find a couple of points funny though, like hating that Apple has high gross margins. Surely they've just created a good business model?
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    Brummer seemed to make much more worthwhile points than Vine.

    It is somewhat depressing that Apple is the most profitable company in the world. I don't find their products compelling or irreplaceable, just overhyped, and overpriced.
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    You'd be better off reading page 3 of The Sun. :D
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