Damage Caused From Incorrect RAM Installation?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by J|D, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. J|D macrumors member


    Oct 23, 2005
    Essex, UK
    The 1GB stick of RAM I ordered (to go alongside the stock 512MB) arrived today for my latest Rev. 15" Powerbook. I installed it, booted up and some lines of text (can't remember what it said TBH) came up along with 2 or 3 beeps. The screen looked pretty messed up.

    I shut it down, looked at the RAM stick and realised that I never pushed it in hard enough (it was early and I was'nt up for long:eek: ). So I pushed it all the way in.

    Booted back up (was recognised in "About This Mac") and all seemed to be well.

    I am however, concerned that I may have caused some kind of damage to the hardware and/or the OS. This is only the second time i've installed RAM, the first time being on my iMac G5 (had no problems with the installation).

    Cheers, Jon:)
  2. BakedBeans macrumors 68040


    May 6, 2004
    What's Your Favorite Posish
    Perfectly normal! Dont Worry about it J-Boy

    If it seats badly it messes around with things, RAM can be a bugger to get in if you are not experienced at it.
  3. FireArse macrumors 6502a

    Oct 29, 2004
    I remember doing this on my Athlon 1.4GHz machine a few years back. The mobo beeped, and i was like "hhmmmm, thats not supposed to happen" then i started smelling a burning smell and a resistor burned up on the mobo blowing smoke into the room at uni.

    needless to say i needed a new pair of pants cos it was a 512MB stick over 3years ago and i didn't wanna ruin it. i popped it in the wrong way round (i know the notch is off centre)

    I stuck it in properly after earthing myself and making sure the thing wasn't still plugged - and wa-hey!! The thing booted up normally, with mem386 running wihtout errors!


    As for that burnt resistor, i have no idea what it was for, maybe a over current load - but it did its job and stopped the RAM from screwing up. The same PC with the same RAM and MOBO are in use today with win2k! :)
  4. AlBDamned macrumors 68030


    Mar 14, 2005
    And so the moral of that story is (;)), don't worry J|D, RAM sometimes takes some hard work to get it seated. You'll be fine, I'm sure. :)
  5. J|D thread starter macrumors member


    Oct 23, 2005
    Essex, UK
    Nice one, was a bit worried about my new baby!

    Thanks guys:)
  6. scu macrumors regular

    Apr 9, 2005
    Same thing happend to me when I placed more ram in my G4. I almost had a heart attack when the computer did not even start up. The same think also takes place when putting in a bad airport card.

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