damaged iphone 4 digitiser/lcd ribbon.can it be repaired at all?? Help needed

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  1. creeper87 macrumors newbie

    Sep 19, 2010
    hi all. im new to this forum.anyways ill get to my problem.bought a replacement OEM iphone 4 screen replacement.fitted it and turned on phone.screen came on fine but did not register any touch so could not unlock. i then took phone apart again and i have found a tear in the ribbon coming out of the new digitizer/lcd so im guessing that the problem. I've attached a picture below.tear is inside the red circle ive quickly draw on.


    I've been looking on net alot since i discovered this and im trying to figure out if there is anyway of repairing the tear. ive seen conductive glue avaliable but dont know if that the right thing and the ribbon looks far too delicate to solder. any advice, methods or even places that i could bring the screen to get repaired properly would help.

    I've jsut spent money buying this new screen i really hope i dont have to buy another :(
  2. Nealgi macrumors newbie

    Dec 9, 2012
    I just ripped the same ribbon on my iphone 4g. I have tried lining it up perfectand electric taping it but it still won't register my fimger to unlock it. Everything I have read says we need to buy another since the cable isnt replaceable or the digitizer. It's all one piece. If you fix it let me know how please. I replaced the screen before with no problems, then my wife broke the second screen. Just recieved third screen and partially tore this ribbon. Smh

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