Damaged Macbook Pro, been given a 'Tier IV' Estimate, what should I do?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by felixh, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Apr 13, 2010
    I purchased my macbook pro around the end of june 2009 through my college laptop program which came with 2 years of apple care protection. There has been some minor accidental damage on the computer (I wish I could have provided some pictures, but it is currently in repair) which includes 2 dents on the top of the laptop, not very large or deep and there was no damage to the screen or backlight. There was also a dent on the usb/charger side of the laptop which did not affect the ability of the laptop to charge or for anything to connect to it and read the devices etc. I am admitting to these being accidental damages to the exterior, so I do realize that apple care does not cover these damages.

    The dents on the top of the laptop occurred late september, and the side dent occurred mid-december. Because I was fortunate enough that the computer worked fine without any inconveniences, I didn't feel the need to send it in to apple because I knew it is not covered. Yesterday, April 12, 2010, I was using Safari when the application froze, so I tried force quitting. Then, the mouse would not let me click on anything, after I tried force quitting and then mouse displayed the spinning color wheel and would not even let me control the mouse i.e. was not moving when I was using the mousepad. Then, an error screen occurred, where a grey screen came up and it wanted me to reset the computer, which I then did. Upon turning on again, the computer displayed a light grey screen with a flashing folder with a question mark on it. I closed the computer and turned it on again and the flashing folder did not even come up, instead a blank light grey screen.

    I then took my computer immediately to the on campus IT services, who told me the hard drive failed and they will do their best to replace what data would be lost and retrieve whatever they can. The next day, I got a call saying that they were able to retrieve my data from the hard drive, but they claimed that because of the dents on the macbook, this would be under accidental damage. They also claimed that they don't know how much damage may have been caused due to the dents so they want to replace the uniboard, and the main circuit board just because they are unsure as to how much damage may have been caused. They also mentioned the dents on the top of the laptop and claim that they want to replace the top aluminum casing and because of the dents, want to replace the lcd screen and the backlight component. Because the computer had been working just fine with the dents up until this point, I couldn't imagine this to have been caused by the accidental damage or even the damage to the top of the laptop.

    They gave me a quote of 774$ to cover repairs, and I don't really know what I should do at this point. I asked if the computer worked if I were to not replace accidental damage as well as the lcd screen, and the man from IT services said that he doesn't know for sure and he doesn't think that it will function without replacing these parts, and that I am 'lucky' that apple will be willing to replace these parts because they often conclude this "Tier IV" damage as irreparable. I wanted to post this on these forums because I wanted to hear what you have to say, whether I should pay this fee to have everything replaced or see if I can pick up my macbook from IT with the new harddrive. I was also wondering if it is possible for them to replace only the unibody and not the screen or top aluminum casing because after having those dents there for a while, I know they are not affecting the performance of the computer.

    Thank you for reading, hopefully you will be able to help me or give me advice or anything at all. Again sorry I do not have any pictures at the moment, I would post them here if I have my laptop, but I do not have it at the moment, it is currently at IT services.
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    Oct 25, 2009
    get your macbook back and replace the harddrive if they have not already. Obviously they are trying convince you something else is wrong with your macbook because it has some hail damage. Before spending nearly $800, you need to decide if it would just be easier to buy a new macbook because this sounds like it only affects the appearance.

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