Damaged my iPhone but Apple came through


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Aug 21, 2007
Just thought I would share my experience, incase any of you have to go through the unfortunate experience of damaging you phone.

I was out bike riding and the phone fell out of my pocket. Fell in the worst possible way, glass hitting a curb and cracked, I was surprised it didn't shatter. The phone actually worked fine, just cracks all over the screen. I brought it to an Apple, I think they guys at the Genius Bar where more upset than I was. They took down my info, switched my sim card to a loaner phone and took care of the shipping of my damaged phone. In about a 1/2 hour I was on my way. 3 days later, I had a brand new phone sent to my apt. They didn't even bother repairing the screen, just sent me a new phone. Aside from the $30 loaner charge it didn't cost me a penny. I was very surprised, it even said on the damage report, customer negligence or something to that effect and there still was no charge, just stated "Responsibility of AppleCare.

I could not imagine getting this type of service with any other cell phone brand. Nice work Apple!

Oh if anyone is wondering the loaner was a fully functional 8gb iPhone, only difference was it had "AppleCare Service" engraved on the back.


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Apr 24, 2007
Sounds like you got lucky! But also Apple wants to make sure that everyone who spends $600 on a phone is happy! I can't imagine them doing this kind of "drop it and we will replace it" thing for too much longer though.
Apple is never this nice when it comes to the Mac side of things, if you break your screen on a new MBP or MB you are SOL, and they will happily charge you $700-$1k to replace the screen.
Apparently Apple does not want people who buy a $2500 computer to be happy, but I bet it costs Apple a lot less to replace a screen on an iPhone then it does on a computer.