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Jul 23, 2007
Hello, I installed Moment Wide lens on my 6s plus. I found a dark corner. On the company website, it is stated that one has to make sure that the lens is inserted rotated fully by 90 degrees. I tried it three times but still got the dark corner. Is this a product defect? Is it a design fault or something else? How can I fix this?


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Jul 3, 2007
Don't listen to that guy. He's sour at the company.

This could easily be the installation. You can for a quick fix, zoom in SLIGHTLY and see if it goes away. If it's sitting properly, with the NEW version 2 lens, you should have no dark corners. If you DO, then the lens could have an issue, but I'd be willing to be you installed the lens mount slightly off center, and if it's their case mount, then it COULD be the lens.
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