Dark Wood iCarbons Skin: Impressions & Pics

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Jeweller, Apr 11, 2011.

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    As I haven't seen anyone post their pics of the dark wood version of the iCarbons skin, I thought I would do so and share my impressions (my apologies if someone in the forum has already beat me to this). Anyway, I'll keep this shortish and sweet.

    First of all, I purchased the back skin only as I'm fairly sure the front skin would have distracted me from what's on the screen. Plus I consider it overkill--too much wood! These are just my opinions, of course. Secondly, I'm using this with a black leather Smart Cover, which goes well with it, and can't comment on how it might look with some of the other colors.

    What I wanted most out of a skin was to avoid the glossy look of clear protectors and one that was subtle and yet elegant in appearance. Granted, "subtle" is debatable, but I really do like the juxtaposition of aluminum and wood and that iCarbons adds an authentic, grainy texture to their skin. Another thing I was looking for was one that wrapped around the edges enough to offer greater protection than some of the other skins on the market, and do so without having unsightly slits in the corners.

    I found the application nearly as simple as the video demonstration on the iCarbons website made it seem. The only things I would recommend are that you take your time and use a higher setting on your hair dryer to get the corners pliable enough to seat well. It took me several attempts and I was still left with a very minor wrinkle on one corner. Fortunately, it's almost unnoticeable.

    One drawback to this skin is that it adds very little grip to the iPad. I wish it was a bit more textured but I suppose that would require added thickness, thus defeating the purpose of a sleek skin. Obviously, having a sleeve or carrying case of some sort is never a bad idea.

    Oh, one last thing. The magnets in the Smart Cover and iPad itself have no problem clinging through the skin, and I see no reason to cut groves to accommodate the cover.

    Anyway, pics--even crappy iPhone pics--say more than words so here you go...

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    That looks awesome, I like the looks of it more than the mahogany wood one I bought from SkinIt.
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    I just got the same one in and I love it! It went on perfect, corners look good. Now I dont have to worry about the back side of the ipad.
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