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    So here's the situation... I've picked up a semi used Mac Mini for a good price. It has a thunderbolt port. Now, honestly, all my data is in Windows, so I'm planning to use BootCamp to run Windows on it rather than go through the hassle of moving my library over. (Plus, I have some scripts set up in Windows that keep things working like I want.)

    Right now, I'm using a Drobo FS to store my iTunes Library with a little Acer acting as an iTunes Server. I had previously gotten the NAS to give myself access to my files from multiple devices. However, with a combo of SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox, I'm pretty much covered at this point, so the only thing left on the NAS is my iTunes library. All my video streaming to my ATV comes from my iTunes library, so Plex and that sort of thing doesn't really interest me at this time.

    Are there any pros to keeping a NAS vs. getting a thunderbolt Disk-Attached-Storage device? Or would I see any improvement in load times using a DAS (all the connections between NAS, Acer, and ATV are wired 1Gbs connections)? Do thunderbolt connections even get the same speed under Windows (I would assume it's a hardware thing, but assuming is a dangerous thing)?

    Just looking for some information.
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    I personally prefer to keep my iTunes media on Direct Attached devices because it is just much simpler. If you already have your library on the Drobo FS and are happy with it then you have already dealt with the NAS complexities.

    Yes, Direct Attached TB, FW800 or USB3 would give you much faster read and write speed than NAS, especially a Drobo. For your intended use, the NAS is fast enough. It would be a huge waste to buy a TB external drive just to store your media library - USB2 is plenty fast enough for that, unless you are trying to serve video to a bunch of streaming devices at the same time.

    I have no idea how or even IF TB devices perform under bootcamp, but for storing your media, all you need is device that Windows can see...

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